[Translate to English:] Job als Discjockey - auf Parties und Events

Der Traum Job für kommunikative Leute mit Freude an guter Musik

Job as a disc jockey - at parties and events

What jobs do you have?
We play at weddings, corporate events, club parties, public events ... whatever comes. Of the music, you should expect a lot of mainstream. Sure that every DJ has his hobby and that's a good thing .. But if you only drive on the electric rail, for example, and if you do not want to be happy with other things, then applying for a job makes little sense.

How does it work with the application - what do you need?
To check your application, we want you to complete it first.

These answers are required:

Full Name and Address Telephone Number Date of Birth Do you have a driver's license and a car (you can not do without it) Picture (s) of you
We would like to know the following, but are not prerequisites:

Do you have previous experience as a DJ (Please list) If you own DJ equipment (Please list) If you have any previous experience in dealing with the public (eg entertainer, moderator, etc.) Your job / student / student Ultimately we are happy to learn how you are on have become aware of us.

And then?
Once we have your application, we will contact you. We will try that by phone or by email. Then there is a job interview in which we explain everything else.